L'Abeille Garden Scented Candle

Imagined by Eric and Celia, this hand-poured 8 oz. soy wax candle is inspired by the scent of our herb garden during the summer months. It features aromas of lavender and garden herbs. Matching the Kinship Collection off-white glaze, the vessel is handmade by ceramist Olivia DiBenigno and can double up as a stylish pen or tricket holder once the candle has burned through. Presented in a stylish box, it is ready for gifting.

This candle is part of our Kinship Collection custom scented candle collection. Our fragrances are created seasonally and are meant to inspire, calm and uplift.  

  • Candle blended and made with love by us in Washington D.C..
  • Ceramic vessel made in Virginia.
  • $46.00
  • $46.00