Toffee Gift Set

Life is sweet! The toffee set idea stemmed from a dinner party in France, where a family friend brought a large toffee sheet with a hammer as a hostess gift to enjoy with coffee. It was an instant hit! Served with coffee and tea at Kinship, you will not go wrong with this gift. It is a great conversation starter and always a fun and delicious addition to the end of a meal. Includes two homemade peanut toffees, a wooden board, a toffee hammer and a ceramic vessel. 

  • Board Dimensions: 8"x4.4". Hammer Dimensions: 4.5"x1.9" at widest point.
  • Kinship Collection Ceramic Ramekin: 4" diameter.
  • Toffee Size: 4 w"x1/4"h
  • Allergy Warning: contains dairy and nuts
  • $85.00