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Smoked Cinnamon Rum Manhattan

Smoked Cinnamon Rum Manhattan

Imagine sipping on this cocktail by the fireplace or looking out the window when snow is falling! The smoked cinnamon accents combined with the warm sweetness of the rum make it a perfect winter drink. While this cocktail can look intimidating - yes, fire - it is really quite easy to make so give it a try! 
Mezcal and Lemon Cocktail

When Life Gives you Lemons

Citrus season is here! This cocktail, named La Ultima by the Kinship bartending team where it first made its debut, blends mezcal with the herbaceous spirit Green Chartreuse and the fruity liqueur Maraschino. The fresh squeezed lemon juice brightens it up. It's a play on the Last Word cocktail, b...